Warning: Supply is limited due to the high demand in GNC stores and other retail locations. Vitalikor is an advanced formula that is only recommended to be taken by healthy men looking to enjoy unlimited, spontaneous sex.

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Some men feel like they are kings in the bedroom and some men have more severe problems like erectile dysfunction, but a majority of men are in the middle. So what does that mean? Men in the middle don’t want to deal with the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical grade products and the embarrassment of talking to their doctor. On the other hand, some men just don’t need the help and are confident in their performance. As we age, all men are affected differently. Some men don’t need assistance until their 60 and some men need the extra boost as early as 30.


If you have been considering a male enhancement product to help your performance in the bedroom there is great news. The makers of Vitalikor have created a hybrid formula that will give you the best of both worlds. It is designed to restore long-term erectile health with the added benefit of a powerful erectile stimulant for immediate results in your performance. Vitalikor is gentle enough to take on a daily basis, but is only recommended to be taken as needed. It is all herbal, all natural formula means that you can even buy it over the counter without a prescription and it is sold at all GNC retail locations throughout the USA . Since Vitalikor is an all-natural formula it will not lead to addiction and force you to depend on taking the product.

What makes Vitalikor different is it addresses both the physical AND psychological aspects of sex drive and erection quality.It’s for guys who want to give a truly superior sexual performance With increased sex drive that allows you to enjoy sex on demand on your terms (no waiting for some little blue pill to kick in), with better stamina, more control, and the ability perform multiple times in one night.If you’re looking to go all night in bed, you’re not alone. Men are always looking to enhance their sexual performance, whether to improve existing problems or to search for new ways to keep their partner happy.Your penis works on blood pressure. The brain sends signals to your penis, which causes vessels to become engorged with blood.Your heart pumps that blood. When problems arise during this process, the penis can go prematurely limp because the vessels cannot sustain the pressure for as long as you’d like (AHA, 2012). Further complications can include inability of the penis to reach a full erection. You want to make sure your circulatory system is working at top shape. Basically, what’s good for your heart is good for your sexual health.



VitaliKöR has been developed for men looking to fortify their sexual performance, as well as the frequency and intensity of their sexual encounters. vitaliKöR can also help men dealing with impotence, premature ejaculation, and functional barriers of achieving an erection. It has also been known to increase the size and volume of the vital organ.

VitaliKöR works naturally with your body to increase the male hormone for sperm production. It also stimulates the body naturally and improves blood flow. vitaliKöR will also improve your response time, resulting in quick, strong, and more frequent erections for a fortified sexual performance. The stimulation of blood flow will also make you look and feel larger.A harder and longer erection, possible permanent enlargement of the male sex organ, increased libido and sex drive and stronger orgasms are just some of the claims we see from the manufacturers of chemical based Male Enhancement Pills… but what about the other side of the coin?

Searing headaches and cramps An uncomfortable flushing of the face Burning, blood shot eyes ‘Next day hangover’ & heart palpitations…

img Those are just some of the well-known and more commonly reported short term side effects associated with chemical based male enhancement tablets. But what about the long term affects of chemically produced Erection Dysfunction and Sexual Libido Enhancers pills? Are they really dangerous? Well, the simple answer is the Pharmaceutical companies really do not know - the pills are too new. However, what we do know is that when a pill can only be prescribed by a qualified doctor and comes with a major risk of stroke* then there should always be cause for concern. (*Source: Drugs.com and Livestrong.com)

In Asia, the leaves have been used for treating fatigue and fortifying sex drive since the 16th century. This is a time-tested aphrodisiac that increases libido in men and women and improves erectile function in men. While the exact way it works remains unknown, the plant has been used for centuries to revitalize sexual function, fortify sexual desire, erectile function, and alleviate fatigue.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is considered a famous aphrodisiac. It is believed to alleviate fatigue, improve physical endurance, fortify libido, and restore sexual function.

This is considered the king of all tonics, and the most revered of all aphrodisiacs. This ingredient has been used for centuries to ease fatigue and fortify sexual vitality. Research has show that shown that ginseng contains a group of compounds known a ginsenosides that have been proven to fortify libido and performance. One of the ginsenoside components has been found to be responsible for assisting penile erection by directly inducing the vasodilatation and relaxation of the corpus cavernosum.

Also known as the “Super Fruit”, is known to slow aging, fortify sex drive, and fight cancer. This is a famous Chinese medicine that has been traditionally used to for boosting longevity, building strength, increasing sexual potency, and has been used as a fortified sexual tonic. It is believed to fortify sex drive by increasing production of testosterone, sperm quantity and quality.

This is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered one of the ‘50 Fundamental Herbs’. Several studies suggest that cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugars, and it also has an anti clotting effect that, in turn, helps improve the overall blood flow in the body. It is also believed to fortify energy and vitality as well.